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Random Art of My OCs

Maar'sha - Commission by fialuttenSailor Messier 102 - Commission by fialuttenACEO #62 - Moonstone - Marushidracul by SailorAlcyoneMaera - Commission by fialuttenSailor Messier 102 by E-X-P-I-Ecommission - Moonstone + Izuor by UNIesqueCommission - Marushi-Dracul 2 by KyatiaCommission: Synestra by galia-and-kittyMaar'sha (commission) by hotbentoMythe (commission) by hotbentoZephyra Sefir by VeggieSexySecret Santa -For marushi-dracul - Sailor Zelendia by HatterRoseMerry Christmas Honeeey by LotusLuminoSS: Winter Fox by padfootletCommission -Marushi-dracul- by ran-yukinoPurple Roses by GiruteaBirthday: Marushi-dracul~ by MaiyunaSailor Messier 102 by hotbentoMarushi-Dracul secret Halloween gift ~ by lucillax3Sailor Messier 83 by VeggieSexyNereza (commission) by hotbentoIris Phoenix (commission) by hotbentomarushi-dracul .Commission. by scribblinC: Sailor Moonstone by Cat-with-dark-eyesZephira and Ralph by LotusLuminoRL commission 156 by akakaballZaphara (commission) by hotbentoCC - Saphirya by Miau-nyaCommission: Lighting Fire Ball by linnilZephyra (commission) by hotbentoThe Dark Magician by LotusLuminoLate Christmas Gift : Marushi-Dracul by AdoraLynnVladimir and Marushi by LotusLuminoRinn by GhostNyghtSailor Parthenia by TsuzukikunLt. Colonel Wolf by TsuzukikunArt Trade - Sailor Neoma for Marushi-Dracul by JATGProductionsCommission: Marushi-Dracul by AdoraLynnAT: Marushi by PuddingPackMarushi by chaos-flareSailor Phoenix by valkyriechan

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My Info

The wonderful world of the Steampunk Senshi.


Marushi-Dracul - Steampunk Senshi Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - Sailor Moonstone Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - Sailor Sapphire Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - Ren and Izuor Stamp by LinaLeeL
Steampunk-Senshi-Support by SailorVTC375


This stamp is just the moon. by skinnyveestamp

Marushi-Dracul - Marushi and Lotus Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-stamp by sihi-chanMarushi-dracul Stamp by LinaLeeLG: Support Marushi-Dracul by SailorVTC375

Marushi-Dracul - Zephyra Stamp by LinaLeeLSynastra Stamp by LinaLeeLMessier-102 Stamp by LinaLeeLIris Stamp by LinaLeeLMaar'sha Stamp by LinaLeeL


Steampunk Status 02 by GasaraSteampunk Status 07 by GasaraSteampunk Status 05 by GasaraSteampunk Status 03 by Gasara


Donations are welcome and appreciated.

For every donation over 5USD I will draw a sketch, over 10USD will get a lineart. Should there actually be donations of more than 10USD the request will of course be greater proportionally to the amount of money donated.

Special People

Visit these people and give them some love! :)


Icons and Mini Pixels

Sailor Moonstone - Marushi-Dracul by shiicolateRen/Sailor Moonstone and Izuor - marushi-dracul by shiicolate
ICM - Marushi-Dracul 1 by ShinjuukiIcons for Marushi-Dracul by LittleAlyceAlyce and Marsha Icons by LittleAlyceICM - Marushi-Dracul 2 by Shinjuuki
Kiri: Marushi-Dracul Pixel Icon by MzMegsIcon commission: Masha Tepes by Heaven-AngelIcon Commission: Marushi-Dracul by AdoraLynnSailor Twix Sparkle Emblem Icon by MeganEliMoonIsis Icon by MeganEliMoonICON REQUEST: Marushi-Dracul by Banished-DreamsMarushi- Dracul Pixel Icon by VallumeIcon Commission: marushi-dracul 1/3 by KitturrIcon Commission: marushi-dracul 2/3 by KitturrIcon Commission1: Marushi-Dracul by KimmyPeachesIcon Commission3: Marushi-Dracul by KimmyPeachesIcon commission4: Marushi-Dracul by KimmyPeachesIcon Commission5: marushi-dracul by KimmyPeachesRen Icon by MeganEliMoonPanty Wedgie - Rthyra by LittleAlycePanty Wedgie - Zaphirya by LittleAlyce[REQ]: Marushi-Dracul by ClouverNereza Icon by LittleAlyceMarushi-Dracul icon commission by elemental24Panty Wedgie - Marsha by LittleAlyceNGC 4121 Pixel by Marushi-DraculMaar'sha Icon by Marushi-DraculIris Icon by Marushi-Dracul

Messier 102 Pixel by Marushi-DraculMessier 83 Pixel by Marushi-DraculV337 Pixel by Marushi-DraculMaru by LittleAlyce
Maar'sha Pixel by Marushi-DraculSailor Moonstone Pixel by Marushi-DraculMythe Pixel by Marushi-Dracul

People I Support

Marushi-Dracul - Steampunk Senshi Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - Sailor Moonstone Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - Ren and Izuor Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - LittleAlyce Stamp by LinaLeeLSailorAlcyone by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - mrshuskey Stamp by LinaLeeLFreckledsleeper Stamp by LinaLeeLWingsForDreams Stamp by LinaLeeLPandanaLove Stamp by LinaLeeLSir-Frog Stamp by LinaLeeLdedizenoflight Stamp by LinaLeeLStefBani Stamp by LinaLeeLshuu-bunni Stamp by LinaLeeLRe-Pyper Stamp by LinaLeeLPhiMouse Stamp by LinaLeeLGabiStar Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Nisaba Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Universe Stamp by LinaLeeLAryiane Stamp by LinaLeeLcheddar99043 Free Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Asteroid Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Messier 19 Stamp by LinaLeeLDark-Lovette Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Hygiea Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Euphrosyne Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Gamma Leonis Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Psyche by LinaLeeLSailor Sun Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Cheshire Stamp by LinaLeeLMistressLegato Stamp by LinaLeeLUnisamas Stamp by LinaLeeLKabukiKatze Stamp by LinaLeeLCotton Candy Sparkle Stamp by LinaLeeLSupport Aine Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Ashera Stamp by LinaLeeLCelestial Aquila Stamp by LinaLeeLYukiMiyasawa - Sailor Iris Stamp by LinaLeeLMarushi-Dracul - Zephyra Stamp by LinaLeeLSupport Pyper! by Sir-FrogI Support My Sihi! by Sir-FrogSailor Lunar Angel Stamp by Sir-FrogGammaRei by Sir-FrogPC: I Support Wickedz!!! by Sir-FrogThe Long Awaited Chedd Stamp of Love! by Sir-FrogYukiMiyasawa - Sailor Eta Carinae Stamp by LinaLeeLI support Sailor Serenity by Yettyen:C: Cat-with-bright-eyes by SayuriUzumaki:C: Meinona by SayuriUzumakiI love StefBani by YettyenMadwon-stamp by sihi-chanVal4s-san Support Stamp by iLantiisNicky Flamingo fan stamp by UnisamasNGC 6273 Stamp by LinaLeeL

I'mma Stamp Whore

Real Life Sue Stamp by mirz-altSteampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoisesRoses Stamp by justdacatStop Yaoi Abuse by KairiSakuraI Love Stockings Stamp by AylissoLEverything is Yaoi Stamp by SpikytasticObjectifying Gay Men Stamp by SpikytasticRider Stamp by Sirens-Serenade.:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolfYuri Fangirls by TheOriginalTahSave the Yuri by PersnicketeseLove clock gears - stamp by JWiesnerPansexual Stamp by sunbirdsSailor Moon Stamp by Cosmic-AngellSig Fan - Deadliest Catch by LittleCrowStudioFSN - Rider stamp by YukoHoonDark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJSteampunk Stamp by JWiesnerSteampunk Stamp by francoslavic-banterLess Yaoi Stamp by TheSnowDrifterJune by AraulsStampsMLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiWelcome to Silent Hill Stamp by Cruzlethis is not a funny title by Dametorauhh kinky by nuffiieSupport Black Roses Wide by missmarypotterDC: Northwestern by NimElfDiscord Stamp by jewlechoCapt Sig's Advice by StJoanI Love Anything Paranormal by ladykatriannaI Don't Get Yaoi by genkistampsYaoi Isn't Gay Sex by sacredflamingheartNight Stamp by Amanoramoon lover stamp by ohhperttylightsFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriVampire Stamp by iZgoI love EGYPT by muslmaI love Pyramids by muslmaLightning Love Stamp by enigmatiaI love Japan by D-g-AI Bite stamp by oathkeeper3Stamp: I support het pairs by JammerleeStop Generalizing #1 by RebiValeskaRough Sex Fetish by MarmaladeYuuA Bad Name by RebiValeskaMythbuster stamp 2 by chuckyloverSteampunk Stamp by StampMakerLKJOriginal Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJfive nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps{Beautiful} by xXtoxic-infectionXxYep, Imma BEEEOTCH. by World-Hero21I Luv Chihuahuas stamp by diabolikal-lilyI love Storms by i-stamp{Masochist} by xXtoxic-infectionXxSubmissive Stamp by eclipsesongsPowerful, Not Mary Sue by NovadestinBloody Vampire Stamp by AmadisAmaranthWE NEED LOVE TOO, YA KNOW. by World-Hero21DA not DeviantPorn by sequelleWARNING by VexcelThat didn't make any sense.... by World-Hero21+Stamp+ Characters Characteristics by TenshiNoFuuDigimon Animated Stamp 007 by hanaktIt's not like I got a say in this or anything by pixelat0ryI love fanservice stamp by blackstormBelieve it or Not, Brah by endlerLike Drugs Say No by TheSnowDrifterRuh oh by ZerachielAmoraPenguins by XLove-Christina-AXFantasy vs Reality by Rawr-NazeStamp: Ghosts? by Wolfy-TBooks FTW by linawifeofLBondage Stamp by KyriaDoriI Love The Night by TheLoveTrainStop fandom abuse - MLP:FIM by HyaKkiDouR4nPhil Fan - Deadliest Catch by LittleCrowStudio:thumb310860895:Weird OCs stamp by MurphysLawlI Love Phil Stamp by SayurisyeDaydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJLove the Moon by skinnyveestampReturn the respect please by ChikitaWolfPretty Fan Stamp by Mel-RoseySupport All Deviants stamp by ChaoticGoddessHorror Stamp by sequelleDon't Trust Me by LaurenEatsChildrenHetalia Insults History by genkistampsSteampunk Stamp by SeioraiBorn into the wrong... by Sora-X-RikuFreddy Krueger by lonelycrowNo Pony-Porno by World-Hero21Photography stamp by StampMakerLKJI Miss Digimon Stamp by TheSnowDrifteriSUPPORTgrave-yards by ANDASKAstampsBooks over all by PixieRiotMary Sue Stamp by PunkNarumiFighting Stamp by coolcat654No matter how bad by 12hc12Deadliest Catch by LittleCrowStudioShort by Inwe1My love is important-Stamp by DinoclawsTired of Supposed ArtisticNude by TheSnowDrifterBloody stamp by emptyidentityentityBDSM Stamp by ladynightseductionAnti Shota-Con Stamp by noveltywordsWinter Stamp by strawberry-hunterAutumn Stamp by sequelleWacom User :stamp: by AmblygonLe sigh by ZerachielAmoradeviantART not deviantPORN by ZeiphexRavens Stamp by sequelleI Support Music by Foxxie-Chanx black is never bland x by RebiValeskaMeaningful comments stamp by dazza1008Pajamas Stamp by Worldincoffeestamp: I support ABS by MoNyOhWishful Thinking by whispwillSongs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolfwrong reality by WolfcatStampsFishnets DevStamp by pirateTomkatDay Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Whips and chains by LadyDeveni'm in love with someone.. by discoraveI Like The Sound of Thunder by Finalrobo101Lightning Stamp by Gokulover4everPrincess Luna is Overrated [Stamp] by TwiinyanI Use Chopsticks by angryannoyanceShy Stamp by StampMakerLKJOriginal Characters Stamp by Stamp221Gemini 2 by SquallxZell-LeonhartIt's NOT Cute by GhostSpeakergraveyards by silent-risingAND YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE by crazylaura64Stamp: Short and Proud by Stamp-AbuseLong hair by GogelmogelI Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearVampire Obsession by pillywigginCollar Love by KeralzaNo Shota, plz by Nacht-VicoBloody Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxJapanese for Pedophilia by genkistampsSelf-Taught Writer by World-Hero21+ ghost adventures + by Voltaira-StampsGothic by skinnyveestampmake love in the cemetery by GothicmamaLips II Stamp by ladieofficalSteampunk Stamp by DemoraFairyGreen Eyes stamp by Emerald-DepthsLets be clear about this... by IshdakittyI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunkAnti-Canon x OC Stamp by Insector-HagakoBondage by EternalxRequiemStamp Teleport by TheSaltyMonsterBondage Stamp by ladynightseductionFallopian tube by SirvanaRachanaIts Love stamp by AznCeestarAstronomy Stamp by ObsidianJackalBoyfriend Appreciation Stamp by RebiValeskaRomantic Stuff by MaruLovesStampsI Am Happily Married by Zimmette-StockMasochist Stamp by black-roses-fallingIt's Not About You by skinnyveestampStop Whining Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionBad Guy Love by Rute-BeerI am a submissiva stamp by deviantStampsWhere Did Art Go? by Chain-Of-AshesI love hungary stamp by deviantStampsChihuahua Stamp by MuttieCamwhores by Moonlight-pendent13Not Automatically Good Stamp by SpikytasticYAOIIIIIIZ by linawifeofLNew English Dub Stamp by SnowCocoaDubs Stamp by Potcfreak100Anime Stamp by ReikoChanMemoirs: Better than Twilight by ChobaryuOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesOC needs MORE appreciation by emmilOriginal Characters Stamp by blackangelyumeLove to make OCs by railaAnti-Canon x OC by MustBeInfinitoGood Guys Stamp by WolvenFlamesDiamonds by Foxxie-ChanTired of Pokemon by Jinesay''YES I AM'' no you're not by CosmicQueenieParents Have Rights, Too by SilentRisingSunfive nights at freddy's - foxy stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps
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About Me

ID done by the amazing fialutten --

Support Dezi Stamp by SLMGregoryMember of Dezi's Army Support Stamp by iLantiisI Fight for dedizenoflight Support Stamp by iLantiisPraying for Anna Support Stamp by iLantiis

Pyramid Head by KateSkirmishPyramid Head Stamp by charry-photosPyramid Head Stamp by Busiris
Pyramid head stamp by RaephenOther PH stamp by zirioPyramid Head stamp by zirioSH-STAMP: Pyramid Heads Lament by Morbid-Moppet
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Thank you for coming to my page! Lemme dance for you!

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My birthday badge

My Waifu <33

Love Too Far Stamp by SparkLumI Love You by motsureGirlfriend Appreciation Stamp by RebiValeskaSeperated by Kats-StampsLaugh by number03Sexy lovely person-Stamp by Dinoclaws

Marushi-Dracul - Sailor Sapphire Stamp by LinaLeeLDalma Varnai Stamp by LinaLeeLCoaa Stamp by LinaLeeL

My Waifu!!! ~ A amazing beautiful girl that I :heart:! She's very talented and has awesome skills! She is my most fave person in the world! lol I love talking and hanging with her. She's amazing at creating characters not to mention a awesome story writer as well! <3 She'd my inspiration and strength! >w< I just love her so much! If it wasn't for her, I'd most likely of stopped being on DA. <333

She has stolen my heart and I love her! ; w ;

Nap by LotusLuminoSailor Bariel by LotusLuminoV357 Carinae by LotusLuminoFire Leader -  Shaanuk Enuezel by LotusLuminoRthyra and Ajurin by LotusLuminoA'fuaniel by LotusLuminoZephira and Ralph by LotusLuminoAybars Kanthen by LotusLuminoSailor Zachriel - Memorial Ball by LotusLuminoIzuor Bouliane - civillian outfit by LotusLuminoSecret Senshi - Messier 38 by LotusLuminoIgar Kanthen by LotusLuminoTannu Varnai by LotusLumino

Page Dolls


Collector of Antiques and Rare Artifacts.

Sailor Moonstone

Sailor Moonstone
Pretty Guardian of the Steampunk Senshi

Rthyra Wolfe

Rthyra Wolfe
Sorceress of Charms


Iris Phoenix (Niaresqu)
Half Demon, and Author of the Burning Heart chronicles.


Synestra Kanthen
The Pure One


Mystra Winterrose
Lone Survivor of Nightshade


Princess of the Western Clan


Daimura Talonlore
Rare Snow Leopard Female


Arctic Assassin


Sailor Sofiel
Keeper of the animals and nature.

Sailor Messier 102

Sailor Messier 102
The Unknown Soldier

Sailor Messier 83

Sailor Messier 83
The Jealous One


Rynn Ala'Sheil
Protector of the Weak


Mythe Raven
Last of the Castellanos.


Zephira Sterling
In love with a Criminal


Marushi Dracul
The Original


Zaphara Diamond
Priestess of the Ancients

V337 Carinae

V337 Carinae
The Guardian Senshi


Rare Species

Sailor Asariel

Sailor Asariel
Angel Senshi of the Moon


Amazon of the North


Angel of Purity

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Synestra Icon Test by Marushi-Dracul
[Freebie] Sailor Cheshire Icon by Marushi-Dracul
Sailor Moon Icon by Marushi-Dracul
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